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60 Years of Excellence in Plating and Metal Finishing Services

We provide industrial plating and metal finishing services for a variety of metals in Mission.

Industrial Plating Services in Mission, BC

Acme Plating Ltd is a third-generation family-owned and –operated business that provides industrial plating services in Mission and surrounding areas. We have been providing our customers with quality plating, metal finishing, electroplating, cleaning and polishing services for over 60 years. With a diverse clientele across Canada and the US, we are one among the front runners in the plating industry. From silver plating to copper, tin and barrel plating, we deal with brass polishing and lacquering as well. Apart from resilvering antique pieces, we can also make your personal precious metal items look new again. Don’t wait; call us for your plating jobs now!

Previously we were located at 6th & Granville, Vancouver, BC. Now, we’ve moved our plating business to 32851 London Avenue, Mission, BC. At Acme Plating Ltd, we specialize in offering a wide variety of plating services, including 24 KT gold, silver, nickel, tin, black onyx, brass, and more. Our experts also perform custom polishing based on your unique needs.

We have been providing our customers with quality plating, cleaning, and polishing services for over 60 years.

Importance of Metal Plating in Industries

Metal plating is an affordable and reliable solution to protect metal surfaces from external damage. Have a look at the importance of metal plating and finishing:

Protection against corrosion
Increase strength against wear and tear
Reduce friction
Improve solderability
Shield against radiation
Thermal resistance
Chemical resistance
Improved visual appearance
Improved structural support
Improved conductivity

This process is very crucial and should be carried out by experienced professionals. We also plate items for movie and commercial props. Our team has the skill and expertise to cater to your industrial plating and finishing needs. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Industrial Plating Services

Check out the different polishes, finishes, colors and sizes we offer our customers.

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