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We Add a New Shine to Precious Metals

Do you want to make your precious metal items look like new? Acme Plating Ltd based in Mission offers services such as industrial plating and metal polishing. We also offer customized polishing services based on your unique needs. See what our customers have to say about us. Call us and request a quote.

Delighted Customers

“The earrings arrived just now. We are delighted and are sure that many of our friends will take advantage of the good service provided by your company..”

- Colin

Stunning Refinishing Job

“Thank you for your refinishing job that was done on my brass table and my sterling candlesticks. They look stunning. Not to forget my brass wood box, which has a central place beside our fireplace.”

- S Lennox

Beautiful Tray and Great Service

“I received the tray, it looks beautiful. Thank you.”

- Horacio

The Goblet Is Beautiful

“Wow is the first comment we have. The Goblet is beautiful and way beyond expectations. My wife insisted on me wearing white cotton gloves as we unpacked it (credos to your shipper as well). If you ever need any customer testimonials in your advertising you’ve got them. Thanks again.”

- Ron


“We were very pleased to have our silver-plating of utensils done by Acme Plating. Our communications, primarily with Anne, were outstanding in achieving an excellent job. These pieces were special to us and your outstanding work has made them a treasured keepsake.”

- Norm and Sharon

Acme Easily Earned 5 Stars

“This company is excellent and I recommend them. First off, they respond quickly to e-mail inquiries sent to their website and subsequently they provided the exact information I wanted. I went ahead and got three small pieces cleaned and lacquered, one copper and two of brass. The result was as good as they said it would be and fully met my expectations. I'll be returning to have two larger more expensive pieces cleaned by Acme. They only accept cash or an e-transfer but in this day and age that's hardly an inconvenience. The price charged was easily worth the quality of the work performed.  Thanks and see you sometime in the future to a few more pieces done.”

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