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Industrial Metal Finishing Services in Mission

We offer quality metal finishing, plating, electro plating, and polishing services for industrial customers in Mission and surrounding areas. From your fireplace frame to church items and jewellery, we can assist you with refinishing. 

Have a look below at some of the services we offer at Acme Plating Ltd:


We can apply new plating for items that you’re looking to transform including the below: 

24KT Antique gold
24KT Satin gold
Silver plate
Copper plate
Satin or shiny nickel plate
Brushed antique copper plate
Tin plate
Barrel plate
Oil rubbed bronze
Satin onyx
Bright copper
Satin copper
Bright brass
Satin brass
Antique brass
Shiny chrome
Satin Chrome
Chrome on Aluminum

Cleaning and Polishing

We also provide our customers with efficient cleaning and polishing services and make precious metal items look new again, including:

Silver plate cleaning and polishing
Sterling cleaning and polishing
Brass cleaning, polishing and lacquering
Copper cleaning, polishing and lacquering
Stainless steel polishing

Please reach out to us if you wish to know more about our products and services; we’re happy to help!


Give Your Old Brass Tray a New Look!

We can give a brand new look to your old metal items.

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